OBD2 Scanner


OBD2 Scanner is an electronic device that allows you to plug into your vehicle On board diagnostics (OBD) port and access technical information. Cars & trucks manufactured after 1 January 1996 are supplied with OBD II (On board diagnostics). This device help you to retrieve any stored diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) in your cars & trucks. It helps vehicle driver to repair malfunctioning part at its initial phase. Even if you are facing mileage (fuel economy) issues due to CEL this device can help you to improve mileage (fuel economy) upto 40%. It saves lot of money and is very easy to use. A must device for every driver. This device below can plug into your android phone! Click picture for more info.

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Benefits & Features:-

  • Turns off check engine light (CEL).
  • Displays status of CEL.
  • Retrieves pending or stored trouble codes from the on board diagnostics computer.
  • Erase (clear) diagnostic trouble codes (DTC’s).
  • Shows freeze frame data.
  • Diagnoses ABS codes.
  • Some latest models support live graph data.
  • Shows supported emissions readiness monitor status.
  • Easy to connect, compact & handy. Drivers must keep in car.
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